sphereFACE Version 15.2.15674.86305 Released - plus leaderboards!

New in the Steam version: leaderboards for high scores, kills and planetary mass destroyed:



  • New Steam API interaction layer
  • Safe fallback that lets the game run even if no Steam dll is present
  • Ship doesn't keep flying & shooting when the player wins the game
  • Localisation improvements
  • Improving robustness of memory layout for weapon levels
  • Rendering announcements in front of everything else
  • Added achievement for reading the help text
  • Added "save-scum" detection and associated achievements

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash when unbinding XBox controller weapon switch button
  • Correct achievements for mass destroyed values
  • Correct accuracy display in victory view
  • Binding analogue controls to correct weapon number
  • Stop gaussRIFLE playing charging sound when switching away from it
  • Fix crash after loading savefiles
  • Make reverse thruster control work correctly
  • Allow spaceMINES to be jettisoned properly
  • Fix crash when jettisoning weapons
  • Fix crash when entering tunnel while being destroyed

Coming soon - Steam leaderboards for all sorts of other statistics. Comment if you have any suggestions for what to add!

Remember, if you buy sphereFACE here, you also get a Steam key!


sphereFACE for Windows 73 MB
Version 15.2.15674.86305 Jun 09, 2017
sphereFACE for Linux (64bit) 64 MB
Version 15.2.15674.86305 Jun 09, 2017
sphereFACE for Linux (32bit) 65 MB
Version 15.2.15674.86305 Jun 09, 2017
sphereFACE for MacOS 61 MB
Version 15.2.15674.86305 Jun 09, 2017

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