sphereFACE Version 14.8.15194.83783 Released


  • Added menu option to invert camera y-axis (mouse invert)
  • Made weapons and ships logs achievements easier to get
  • Red ship fragments no longer destroy other red ships
  • Red buildings are now affected by the singularityCANNON and rocket blasts
  • Allow multiple high score achievements to be attained in the same run
  • Allow red buildings to have a velocity
  • Slow down accelerated camera movement at the midpoint of the death transition so you can read the stats even if you skipped the fadeout
  • GivenSwarms random acceleration capacity so they don't bunch up as much
  • Added savescumming detection and corresponding achievements
  • Moved inventory description closer to inventory list
  • Given spaceMINES a limited lifetime
  • Optimise mine graphics for performance outside the current sphere
  • No longer announcing changes from a weapon to itself
  • Reduced requirement for highest clear spheres achievement to 30
  • Improved achievement graphics
  • More debugging output for dynamic library loader component
  • A few new achievements

Bug fixes:

  • Correct Sawblade one-shot kill tracking
  • Correct achievement API name for enemies destroyed over n
  • Fixed typo in clear 10 spheres achievement
  • Fixed armour not colliding with enemy buildings
  • Fixed flakCANNON graphic incorrectly rendering on the player ship

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sphereFACE for Windows (58 MB)
Version 14.8.15194.83783 141 days ago
sphereFACE for MacOS (61 MB)
Version 14.8.15193.83779 141 days ago
sphereFACE for Linux (64bit) (59 MB)
Version 14.8.15193.83779 141 days ago
sphereFACE for Linux (32bit) (59 MB)
Version 14.8.15193.83779 141 days ago

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